Shipping Cards Using PWE

I am writing this article to discuss how I ship sports cards safely using a personal white envelope. (PWE) I always get nervous sending any cards in a PWE. When dealing in smaller trades or low cost cards, it is the only logical way to go. Implementing these techniques can help to prevent damage to the cards. This method will also avoid running your package through a machine during shipping.

Step #1: 5-6 Cards & Team Bag

Place 5-6 cards inside a small team bag. Seal bag as tightly as cards will allow. Soft sleeves on each card will add an extra layer of protection while keeping the bag from sitting on the cards directly.


Step #2: Thank You Card & Envelope

Place the team bag inside the thank you card and seal up the envelope. Add one piece of tape for added security. At this point the package should weigh under one ounce. This package weights .08 ounce.


Step #3: Non Machinable

I add one additional ounce stamp to the envelope. By adding this stamp, I am able to mark the package non machine. This will prevent the package from being scanned through a machine during shipping. The package will be hand sorted during the shipping process. This extra stamp does add an ounce in weight, but I prefer to not make the envelopes too thick, even if it isn’t being run through a machine.


So what do you think…Am I too conservative? Would you shove way more cards in that envelope? Come FOLLOW me on TWITTER and let me know if you ship PWE…