Package A Sports Card For Shipping With A Bubble Mailer

I am writing this article to discuss how to ship a sports card safely through the mail. This seems like it should be pretty easy to accomplish, but I have come to find some shippers are not packaging their cards safe and secure. Below is a step by step guide on how to #ShipSafe.

Step #1: Card and small team bag.

Some people use tape to secure a card in a top load. I don’t think the tape is necessary. Using a small team bag provides a way to eliminate tape during this step. Insert the card upside down, inside a small team bag. Make sure to push the top load down as far as possible and try to seal the top load as tightly as possible.

How To Ship A Sports Card Step-1-Pictures2

Step #2: Card, graded bag, dummy/protector cards.

Up to this point, you can probably get away with shipping the card in a bubble mailer as is. I think we should all take this extra step and place the card in a graded team bag with dummy/protector cards on both sides. Sometimes I like to include a couple refractors or inserts as bonus cards as well…

How To Ship A Sports Card Step-2-Pictures2

Step #3: Card, packing peanut and bubble mailer.

If you have followed steps 1 & 2, you’re most definitely going to be golden. Let’s just get fancy and include one or two packing peanuts. The packing peanut will assure that the package is too thick to be processed through a machine at the post office. Finally, seal up the bubble mailer with one piece of tape and ship it out the following day payment is received.

How To Ship A Sports Card Step-3-Pictures2

So what do you think…Am I nutso with this #ShipSafe? Do you ever receive any cards that are packaged poorly? Come FOLLOW me on TWITTER and tell me how you really feel about tape on top loaders…