Jackie Robinson Rookie For PP & Ruth Gehrig DiMaggio

1949 Bowman 050 FrontOne of my favorite trades took place on the Net54 Baseball Forum. Somebody was selling a 1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson. I tried to offer a trade and he passed because he wanted to try and sell it.

A few weeks later I noticed the thread come back up. I didn’t want to upset him by offering another trade, but I wanted to see if he would be interested in a cash/trade deal.

He was not upset with the offer. After showing him my personal trade folder, he found some HOF GU Relics that he liked.

We were able to come to a cash/card agreement and the deal was complete. I was pretty happy to get a great Jackie for the rookie collection.

Trade Details…

I traded the left for the right.

I Traded: $315 PP, Babe Ruth Relic, Joe Dimaggio Relic, Lou Gehrig Relic.
He Traded: 1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson Rookie


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