How #VintageSetCollect Will Work

I wanted to provide a quick breakdown of how #VintageSetCollect will work. Set lists and giveaways will launch on Monday 2/19/18 at 12:00 P.M. EST. The cards available will be from 1960-1969 Topps baseball. Giveaways will be based on a series of “Set Stats” graphics created to showcase each Topps baseball set from the 1960’s.

#VintageSetCollect Information

– The years available range from 1960-1969 and are all Topps baseball.
– Cards range in condition from VG, VGEX and EX.
– Average condition examples are provided on each set page.
– Prices are located on each set page.
– Cards are on a first come, first serve basis.
– Select the cards you want, then message me your list on Twitter.
– Cards will be pulled same day and payment is expected immediately upon pulling of cards.
– All cards #ShipSafe in a bubble mailer with tracking. ($3 or FREE over $20)
– All payments will be handled via PayPal. I would prefer you to use PP Goods.
– No trades will be accepted towards the #VintageSetCollect cards.
– Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Click here to get started with #VintageSetCollect.

10 Years, 10 Giveaways Information

– 10 total giveaways that run Mon, Wed and Fri starting 2/19 and ending with the final giveaway 3/12.
– Giveaways are based on 10 “Set Stats” graphics created to showcase the 1960-1969 Topps baseball sets.
– Each individual “Set Stats” graphic will represent one giveaway. (1960 Topps Baseball is one giveaway.)
– Each prize is for 11 total cards from the 1960-1969 Topps baseball sets. (10 common cards & 1 HOF card.)
– RETWEET the “Set Stats” graphic to be entered in each giveaway.
– Prize packs always #ShipSafe in a bubble mailer with tracking.
– Winners will be announced and mentioned on each giveaway tweet.

These are the 10 Set Stat Graphics used for the 10 giveaways…


So what do you think…Do you like the “Set Stats” idea? Do you like how everything is set up? Come FOLLOW me on TWITTER and let me know how I can make #VintageSetCollect better…