#DollarCardSales Information

Welcome to #DollarCardSales. Sales run every Tuesday and Thursday night. Shipping is $3 or FREE with orders of $20 dollars. Cards #ShipSafe the same or following day payment is received. When you find the cards you want, shoot me a message on Twitter and I will get your cards pulled and shipped out.

#DollarCardSales are Tuesday & Thursday nights.
– Sale starts at 5:30 PM and will run till 10:00 PM.
– Sale threads will launch at the bottom of each hour.
– Cards range from $1 to $20 dollars.
– Shipping is $3 or FREE with orders of $20.
– Claim card(s) in the comments.
– Card(s) claimed when I respond with “added”.
– Card pictures are updated on site throughout the night.
– Please make payment via PayPal Goods.
– Payment due at the end of the night or following day.
– Cards will #ShipSafe the following day.

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