Breaking Out A BGS 9.5 Carl Edwards Jr. To Complete Rainbow (Video)

2016 Topps Chrome Carl Edwards Jr ImageIn this article I am going to discuss breaking out a Carl Edwards Jr. BGS 9.5 to complete the 2016 Topps Chrome Rainbow. I won the superfractor on EBay and already had most of the other cards needed for the rainbow.

The only card I was missing was the red /5. Unfortunately for me, the /5 came online already graded. I don’t have any graded modern cards and the other cards were all raw. I did not want to have one graded card in the mix.

Breaking the case was not too difficult. The total time it took was about 10-15 minutes. I watched a few videos on YouTube before attempting it myself. The method of cracking the case at the corners seemed to work pretty well for me.

After cracking the corners, I was able to loosen the case with a screwdriver and then used my finger to pry it open. I cut together a pretty cool video and posted front and back pictures of the rainbow below.

If anyone has any of the remaining printing plates, please contact me. I would be interested in trading or buying them. You can find this Carl Edwards Jr. rainbow listed in the Cards From The Attic EBAY STORE.

So what do you think…Am I an idiot for cracking that /5 out of the case? How close did I come to slicing my entire finger breaking that case? Come FOLLOW me on TWITTER and let me know what you think…