1954 Topps Baseball Trade For 50’s & 60’s Lot

1954s-Trade-Article-ImageOver on the Net54 Baseball forum, I created a thread to try and complete a 1954 Topps baseball set by trading with other members on the forum.

The thread has gone pretty well. I have completed several trades with different members. In just a couple months, I have completed over half the set.

The Net54 Baseball forum is a great place for trading vintage baseball cards. Feel free to come over to the forum and make a trade for some 54’s.

I traded the left for the right.

I traded: 17 50’s and 60’s cards including a ’57 Enos Slaughter and ’58 Al Kaline AS.
He traded: 36 1954 Topps Baseball cards


So what do you think…Should I have tossed in the Kaline AS? Do you like trading for sets or stars? Come FOLLOW me on TWITTER and let me know what you like to trade…