1909 Cubs Silks Ernie Banks Jackie Robinson Trade

1965 Topps Baseball 510 FrontI have been trading on forums for a couple of years, so I am comfortable trading cards on the interweb.

When I first came on Twitter with Cards From The Attic, everyone was posting cards like crazy. People were selling, trading, giving away cards all over the place.

I thought it was like the Wild Wild West.

I have meet some great collectors so far. One of my first trades on Twitter was with @IMHITMAN. @IMHITMAN is a big Cubs collector and we struck up a trade involving some 1909 Cubs Silks, a 65 Banks and a 56 Jackie…

The ’65 Banks completed the team set, so I was pretty happy to snag that.

Trade Details…

I traded the left for the right.

I Traded: $10 PP, 1956 Topps Baseball Jackie Robinson PSA 2.
He Traded: 2 1909 Cubs Silks, 1965 Topps Baseball Ernie Banks.

1909 Chicago Cubs Silks Ernie Banks Jackie Robinson Trade

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